Roasted salted cashew nuts

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  • Net weight: 500 gr
  • Type: Cashew nuts with skin
  • Shelf-life: 6 months
  • Preservation: The bottle should be tightly sealed after use and stored in cool places or at low temperatures.

The use of roasted salted cashew nuts allows the heart, nervous system, and muscles to be healthy, support to shape red blood cells and helps strengthen bones, teeth, etc.

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Heart Disease Prevention

A good source of healthy fats is roasted salted cashew nuts. These are necessary for the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K and for the development of the brain to produce vital fatty acids. They contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are suitable for the heart and help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) when ingested in sufficient quantities, including in diabetes patients.

Promote Eye Health

We all know that carrots are good for our eyes, but surprisingly, the same goes for roasted salted cashew nuts. They contain high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin, which act as antioxidants when taken regularly. These compounds protect the eyes from minor damage (which may be blind to the elderly) and may even help to reduce cataracts.

Strengthen the nervous system and muscle

Cashews are rich in magnesium, a substance that is essential for bone, muscle, tissue, and organ development. Magnesium helps to control blood pressure, to strengthen the immune system, to regulate nerve function, and to maintain healthy bones. The deficiency in magnesium leads to high blood pressure, migraines, aches, and pains.

Besides, cashews will help women feel relaxed and sleep well after menopause.

Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes

Since cashews are very low in sugar and contain no harmful cholesterol, it is healthy for people with diabetes. Also, cashew extracts can improve the body’s ability to respond to insulin and prevent the development of diabetes by helping to regulate blood sugar, which reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Cancer Prevention

Many studies have shown that roasted salted cashew nuts are rich in antioxidants such as anacardic acid, cardanols, and cardols, which are beneficial for those undergoing tumor and cancer treatment. The substance proanthocyanidins in cashews is a group of flavonols that function against and prevent the division of cancer cells, which is one of the cashews’ key advantages.

Promote red blood cell formation

Cashews are rich in copper, which helps in iron metabolism, helps in red blood cell formation, and helps maintain healthy bones and immune system. A copper deficiency in the body can cause osteoporosis, irregular heartbeats, and anemia.

Promote bones and oral health

Roasted salted cashew nuts also supply phosphorous, which is essential for healthy teeth and bone growth. Phosphorous also aids in protein synthesis, carbohydrate and fat absorption, and maintenance of cellular health.

Gallstones Prevention

Gallstones are one of the common digestive diseases that typically consist of the accumulated cholesterol in the gall bladder. The daily inclusion of nutritious nuts such as cashews will reduce the risk of developing gallstones.

Boost the Immune System

Cashews contain zinc, which plays a vital role in enhancing the immune system against microbial infections, protein synthesis, and wound healing. Maintaining a stable state of the body during pregnancy is crucial to the growth of the child and the developmental years of childhood

Support weight loss

Replacing animal fats with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in cashews is a perfect way to regulate body weight and decrease the accumulation of fat and cholesterol in your skin.

Furthermore, cashews also contain antioxidants, vitamin E, which are used to avoid aging, healthy skin, and hair, which is very good for women.

Where can I get the best quality cashews?

Maison Chance Social Enterprise currently supplies top-quality roasted salted cashew nuts from Dak Nong Province, which meets the sanitation and food safety requirements.


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