Tết 2023 Gift Basket

❖ The products in our Tet gift basket include 7 items:

1️⃣ Roasted salted cashews – 150gr
2️⃣ Laughing hazelnuts – 160gr
3️⃣ Nutritional granola – 250gr
4️⃣ Coffee flower honey – 300ml
5️⃣ Smoked black Oolong tea – 100gr
6️⃣ Seaweed cake – 60gr: Ingredients include seaweed and various nutritional nuts. The product is handmade by disadvantaged young people from the Lucky House.
7️⃣ Chocolate chip cashew cookies – 160gr: Ingredients include butter, sugar, eggs, cashews, chocolate… The product is handmade by disadvantaged young people from the Lucky House.
Gift: Handmade Prosperous Cat: Crafted entirely by hand by disabled brothers and sisters, combined with artists’ touch to decorate the cute cat’s face.

Gift 1 handmade prosperity cat made from fabric

Handmade Prosperity Cat

╔═══════ ೋღღღೋ ═══════╗
╚═══════ ೋღღღೋ ═══════╝

✨ Tet is also a time for people to slow down, feel the small joys around them. Enjoy the cool air and the transition from winter to spring.

It’s the time when we are busy preparing everything for our homes, cleaning and tidying up the ancestral altar, going to the market to choose branches of apricot blossoms, peach blossoms, Tet sweets,… spending the 30th night by the banh chung pot and welcoming the New Year’s Eve.

We always treasure the happiness from childhood to adulthood. This year, the Lucky House’s Tet gift basket with the theme “Happy Tet” carries a short but meaningful message. Our products not only bring high spiritual value but also promote health. Everyone defines happiness differently, but for the Lucky House, our happiness is to provide satisfaction with our products to our customers.

In addition, if you buy and support the Lucky House’s Tet gift basket, you also contribute to the organization to nurture orphaned children and disabled people in our shelter.

The Year of the Tiger 2022 is gradually coming to an end, and we are very grateful to our customers for always accompanying us. Your companionship is an honor and a precious appreciation to the Lucky House. The Year of the Cat 2023 is opening up with hopes for a new year full of peace and happiness.

The Lucky House wishes you a prosperous year, abundant health, lots of happiness, and the realization of all your wishes.
❤ A portion of the profits from sales will be allocated to caring for the lives of our disabled friends and orphaned children here. The remaining part will continue to support the organization’s activities ❤
❤ We sincerely hope to receive your support ❤
☎ Hotline: 0909 06 2528 (Zalo)


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