$ 27.80

Material: Jade
Weight: 13 grams
Dimensions: 3 x 3 cm
Code: MDCDQ23

Hotline: 090 906 2528

If you are in Vietnam, please contact us at the hotline number or the business fan page of our Lucky House enterprise to inquire about the selling price in Vietnam: https://www.facebook.com/dnxh.nhamayman

With an exquisitely designed flower-shaped pendant, the necklace gracefully resembles an artistic depiction on a silk canvas. Crafted from natural agate material, the necklace possesses a beauty that captivates the heart, both simple and alluring. The sparkling light on each gemstone vein resembles the stars sparkling in the night sky.

Weighing only 13 grams and measuring 3 x 3 cm, the necklace hugs the neck comfortably, making the wearer feel as if it’s not there. Whether going out, working, or attending a party, you can confidently showcase your unique beauty with this lucky necklace.

Flower-shaped pendant

What’s even more special is that each product contains the heartfelt dedication of less fortunate individuals. The entire production process is carried out by the hands and hearts of people with disabilities. Creating jewelry not only provides them with a more stable income but also serves as a spiritual tonic to overcome the challenges of life.

Therefore, let’s spread love by ordering this sparkling and colorful necklace. This meaningful gift not only adds radiance to your life but also serves as a bridge connecting compassionate hearts.


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