Brocade stuffed Monkey

$ 3.50$ 5.00

These handcrafted products were made by our beneficiaries and handicapped people at Maison Chance. We expect your support for these products.


Material : Patchwork Fabric


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Cute Brocade stuffed Monkey brocade weaving items
Safe for kids. This collection enables to boost kids’ imagination, creativity and familiarity with animals. A meaningful gift to help them build a love for nature, animals and human.
Designed and produced by: Maison Chance
Material: brocade weaving, handmade detailed sewing
Multiple colors, best-seller of the year
Use: key chain, decoration
*Please note: because of brocade materials, each product will have slight different on color and patterns compared with photo.

PriceSizeProduct NameSize (cm)
$ 3.50S1Brocade stuffed Monkey4×10
$ 4.50S25×13
$ 5.00S36×15

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