Choux Cream Puff

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Cakes made by the Maison Chace’s orphans. We expect your support for these products!


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Ingredients for thirty 6cm diameter Choux Cream Puffs ; for twenty 8cm diameter Choux Cream Puffs :

+ 500g water
+ 250g butter
+ 20g milk
+ a little salt
+ 10g sugar
+ 10 chicken’s egg
+ 400g wheat flour

Some experiments when using: This is also a cake that is considered traditional French cake and used in weddings, the cake is covered with caramel sauce on the surface and is arranged into a very elaborate and beautiful tower shape. This type of cake has been around since the 16th century, but it took a long time about 200 years to perfect the recipe of choux and the cream filling added.


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