Tiramisu cake

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Tiramisu cake has a light aroma of coffee, accompanied by cream and fruit flavors. If you are a fan of coffee or capuchino, it is impossible to ignore this cake, because the taste of the cake will make you surprise with the deliciousness, Tiramisu cake will not disappoint you when you taste it.

Bánh Tiramisu

Mousse is a line of cakes with a lot of cream and less cake, often used for dessert or as a snack. The basic ingredient of Mousse is a thin layer of cake underneath the cake. The cake part is usually mixed with ingredients such as: Chocolate, Caramel, passion fruit, orange, grilled cheese, etc.

When enjoying Mousse, you will feel the softness, coolness and feel the ice cream melting in your mouth along with the aroma of butter cream and fresh cream. It will be appropriate to choose this cake for birthday parties, anniversaries, etc, for relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. Everyone will feel extremely impressed and unforgettable.

Maison Chance launches a new line of Mousse. With extremely delicious taste, premium and quality.

It will be special and fancy when ordering European Mousse cream cakes. Because the taste of the cake is guaranteed to make you “Woa” because of the deliciousness of the cake.

Each type of Mousse will have different flavors and characteristics. Mousse is a beautiful dessert for every party, because of the extremely delicate and harmonious combination of flavors.


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