Happiness Cat in traditional fabric

$ 6.20

The products are handcrafted by our less fortunate friends with disabilities, and we hope to receive the support from our esteemed customers.


Material: Traditional fabric


Hotline: 090 906 2528


If you are in Vietnam, please contact us through the hotline number or our business fanpage, Nhà May Mắn, for the selling prices in Vietnam: https://www.facebook.com/nhamayman

Adorable Happiness Cat in traditional fabric:
– Safe for young children. This collection will be a meaningful gift for kids, allowing them to unleash their imagination, creativity, and play with their beloved animal friends. It helps cultivate love for nature, animals, and people.
– Produced and designed by Maison Chance.
– Made from canvas fabric.
– Various colors, best-selling product of the year.
– Functions: Keychain, decoration.
– > Unique animal shapes with distinct colors, patterns, and designs due to the use of traditional fabric (so each product will have slight differences in patterns, colors compared to the photos).

PriceSizeProduct NameDimensions (cm)
$ 6.2Stuffed animal – Happiness Cat in traditional fabric14×18


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