Green tea ice cream

The fresh cream product is made by the currently orphaned youth being nurtured by Maison Chance. We hope to receive your support!


Small box 300g: 79,000 VND


Large box 500g: 99,000 VND


Hotline: 090 906 2528


💁‍♂️ Green tea is one of the most commonly used ingredients in cooking and mixology. Especially in the world of ice cream, green tea is a flavor that cannot be absent from the list of most beloved tastes.
💁‍♂️ The hot days of February are approaching. Just savor each spoonful of refreshing green tea ice cream, and the taste of green tea melting in your mouth. What could be more wonderful!?
💁‍♂️ The green tea ice cream from Maison Chance: smooth, luxurious, fragrant, with the refreshing taste of green tea. It knows how to “please” even the most discerning connoisseurs, and even the pickiest diners can’t resist this delicious and unique ice cream.
❤️ We hope to receive your support ❤️
“All profits from sales will, in part, be used to support the lives of people with disabilities here, while the rest will continue to operate and cover other expenses.”
☎️ Hotline: 0909 062 528 (Zalo)
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