Black pepper

$ 3.60

– Net weight: 250 gr

– Type: Black pepper

– Shelf-life: 12 months

– Preservation: The bottle should be tightly sealed after use and stored in cool places or at low temperatures.

– Black pepper is a well-known spice used in cuisine. It adds to almost every food the sharp, pungent flavor. In addition to being a spice, pepper is also used as a medicine.

Maison Chance Social Enterprise wishes to offer safe, organic food to our customers.

We specialize in processing natural, raw, unadulterated black pepper and filtered low-quality black pepper. We also guarantee the production and quality of black pepper harvested and carefully picked in Dak Nong Province.

Our black pepper is grown, tended, and harvested by experienced farmers in Dak Nong.

All steps are done in the appropriate process to produce quality black pepper products. At first, we dry the ripe black pepper clusters when they is harvested. After that, the black pepper will be cleaned of impurities; then, the black pepper is carefully selected by screening through a blower with a multi-level floor machine. Lastly, it is packed into black pepper jars with quality assurance, and equal size, particularly hygiene and safety.

The black pepper is an essential spice in every home’s kitchen, as well as a suitable gift to friends and relatives. With our product, customers can feel secure and confident about their decision. We are a companion with our customers’ well-being.


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