Bag SBT5

$ 19.00

Sản phẩm do các bạn khuyết tật kém may mắn sản xuất thủ công kính mong nhận được sự ủng hộ của Quý khách hàng.


Material : Thai Fabric


Hotline : 090 906 2528


Of all the fabrics, brocade has a long history. Richly decorated with intricate patterns it never comes out of fashion. The impressive colours are combined according to rules. There is usually a key colour like red, blue, yellow or green – all other colours in the pattern recede into the background and revolve around it. The bags, shoulder bags and backpacks alike, are stylish and suitable for every occasion.

PriceCodeProduct NameSize (cm)Material
$ 19.00SBT4Bag SBT534 x 57Thai


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