Maison Chance is proud to announce you that on August 16th, Dak Nong social center opened its doors to its 103 first beneficiaries. All of them are disadvantaged children who didn’t have the chance to go to school.

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Thanks to your endless support to build and operate this project, they will be able to benefit from free schooling. Moreover, the children, who often live too far from our social center, will be able to stay in the center’s dormitories during the week. A bus will be at their disposal to come back home on weekends.

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The children are now getting used to going to school every day and getting ready to start the official curriculum on September 5th. Most of them have to adapt to these new living conditions. In fact, 90% of the children are from ethnic minorities, mostly Black Mong from the North of Vietnam. They arrived at Dak Nong Social Center with only what they were wearing and no shoes, without even a bag or a change of clothes. They discovered running water and soap on their first day, some of them even tried to wash their hands in the toilets!

Maison Chance cannot thank enough each and every one of you for their support and devotion, which made our dream come true!

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