On November 4, 2018, Maison Chance had the pleasure of welcoming Marc Lavoine, famous singer-songwriter, actor, who composed the song “Bonjour Vietnam”, performed by Pham Quynh Anh. With sober and meaningful words interpreted by the sweet voice of the singer of Vietnamese origin, this song has become one of the most beautiful songs on Vietnam of all time.

With Marc  there was also the presence of Ms. Papin Xuan Linh Line, Ms. Fernandez Naina Hoang Minh Hien and Ms. Lan Nguyen, representative of the organization France-Volontaires in Ho Chi Minh city.

At 12:30, Marc Lavoine’s car arrived at Village Chance. The representative of Maison Chance welcomed them to have lunch at the Village restaurant. After lunch, he introduced Marc and his companions to the history and mission of the Maison Chance Organization.

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Then, the representative guided Marc to visit the families living at Village Chance. They are families with one or two disabled people living in wheelchair-accessible apartments. While visiting these families, Marc brought them gifts.

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Afterwards, Marc met the children of Village Chance in the primary school yard. He gave them gifts including candy, milk and school supplies and took pictures with them.

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During this visit, Marc did not meet Tim, the founder of Maison Chance as she was in the United States for fundraising campaigns. Therefore, he sent her his greetings with his promise to stay in touch with Maison Chance and his desire to return in the future.

Maison Chance sincerely thanks the organization France-Volontaires for creating a bridge between Maison Chance and Marc and his friends. Created in 2009, France-Volontaires is an organization which supports French volunteers abroad.

Text: Cong Duy

Translated: Long Hai