The social distancing has passed, but Maison Chance didn’t forget these difficult days due to the lack of staff to take care of the orphans and people with disabilities. In addition, the production stalled because of the shortage of customer order. At that time, Artelia Vietnam had offered to help Maison Chance overcome the crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The timely help of Artelia Vietnam allowed all the people with disabilities who are learning and producing at Maison Chance can continue their works during this difficult time.

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On June 16, 2020, the presentative of Artelia Vietnam paid a visit to Maison Chance. In addition to bring us motivation, they also donated clothes, stationeries, and toys for children at Village Chance.


Moreover, Artelia Vietnam will collaborate with Maison Chance for an anti-flood project at Take Wing Center.


Maison Chance is highly appreciative and thankful to the young staff of Artelia Vietnam for their enthusiasm and friendliness. The support from partners like Artelia Vietnam makes Maison Chance stronger on its path.

The article: Thu Ly