TINYpulse is an international IT company based in Ho Chi Minh City, which offers feedback tools to help creating a great workplace culture for a happier team for more than 1.000 companies. The international team of the TINYpulse’s Vietnamese business unit comprising of 36 people came to Maison Chance for a team building day. Toan welcomed them at the Take Wing Center. He is one of the Maison Chance’s beneficiaries, memeber of the project office and speaks fluent English. Toan introduced our NGO to them and organized the visit to our professional training rooms.

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After the visit, the whole team went to Village Chance with gifts and a great program for the kids. The 187 students of the primary school were waiting for them impatiently.

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After a brief presentation and a mooncake distribution, the TINYpulse’s team and our enthusiastic kids split into several groups and organized different activities and games for them.

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Until lunch break, they played basketball, drew paintings and participated in different kinds of outdoor games. The kids were cheerful to participate in these educative games!

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The team stayed in the village the whole afternoon and even prepared another activity. They decided to repaint the exterior corridors of the Village Chance. Under a strong heat, they spent several hours painting to rejuvenate the place which is home to 90 inhabitants!

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On behalf of Maison Chance and the inhabitants of the Village Chance, we thank the TINYpulse’s team for coming and for their kind gestures. In the middle of the afternoon, the team returned home with a head full of beautiful memories!

Text: Eléonore