A group of students from Brunei came and spent the morning at the Take Wing center of Maison Chance on Monday of this week. 35 students at the age of 15-16 year – old, went to Vietnam as part of a school trip.

Students in 10th grade of an International School of Brunei began the morning by watching a short video that explains the history of the association. Then, they visited the different training workshops of the center where they were going to participate some activities.

IMG_7545 IMG_7544

Some students painted on canvas bags with the recommendations of Chien and Loc, two painters of the painting workshop.

IMG_7529 IMG_7525

While the others joined the sewing workshop and they followed the advice of people with disabilities to make fluffy animals of the zodiac sign.

Everyone had a good time and Maison Chance thanks students for their visit.

Translator: Caroline