After several months of apprenticeship, almost all the students of the IT workshop found a job. To celebrate this good news, the social department organized a trip to encourage them to continue their training with courage and to work well.

Unlike usual, the participants wake up early helped by the excitement of this journey that they had prepared the day before. In addition to the members of the workshop, relatives, children, some employees and volunteers were also on the trip. Once everyone had found a seat in the bus, at exactly 8am, the vehicle was headed to the National Highway 22 to Cu Chi. The travel destination was the home of Khiet (a beneficiary of Maison Chance) in the village of An Nhon Tay, in Cu Chi District.

At about 9:30 am, we arrived on site. All the participants are surprised to find such a quiet and nice landscape as well as the warm welcome of the master of the place. Everyone finds a place under the shade of the trees and take a breath of fresh air while talking.

DSC01749 DSC01781

Among people with disabilities, some are relaxing while other are walking or talking with Khiet’s relatives. The able-bodied people are working together to prepare lunch composed by different traditional pork dishes. In an usual situation, it is difficult to see all the capabilities of a person. This trip was a good opportunity to discover the talents of everyone.

Today, some staffs from different departments (health, social, security) prepare a dish while others help with cooking. It’s really amazing to see everyone working hard to prepare the food and then cook it in a country atmosphere, serene and refreshing. The spirit can escape the crowded and noisy urban oppression.

When all the food is ready, it is already lunchtime. Everyone gathers to eat under the shade of a large tree. We raise our glasses to congratulate the cooks and we enjoy the delicious food. We eat together and tell funny stories. We let ourselves go and we forgot all the worries, the sadness and the concerns of everyday life.

It was an interesting and positive day that renews everyone’s vitality as a fresh start to face and overcome the challenges ahead.

November 2013