Hỗ trợ từ công ty GAP

Maison Chance is going through an uneasy year. We cannot organize fundraising events like before, making it more challenging than ever to take care of the nearly 700 Maison Chance’s underprivileged. But thanks to the generosity of businesses, organizations, and benefactors around the world, we have more motivation to pursue our mission, and one of those businesses is GAP International Sourcing Vietnam.

Hỗ trợ từ công ty GAP Hỗ trợ từ công ty GAP

GAP Inc. came to us early in the year to donate 25 used but decent computers for our beneficiaries in the IT workshop. Recently, GAP Inc. has raised the scholarship fund to disadvantaged children at Maison Chance through selling their sample sales to the employees. The remaining boxes of clothing were then moved to Maison Chance for continued sale to our employees.
That’s a great idea to connect our staffs to make a small contribution to the community between GAP Inc. and Maison Chance.

Hỗ trợ từ công ty GAP Hỗ trợ từ công ty GAP

Thank you, GAP Inc., for having spared no effort to help us over this tough time. Maison Chance is truly grateful for their generosity.

Text: Toan