Sinh Vien Hong Kong

We were very pleased to welcome a group of enthusiastic volunteers from PEACE – Protect and Empower All Children through Education (Hongkong University) to Maison Chance for their Vietnam Service Learning Trip. This is their third visit here and teach English to children.

They stayed in The Guesthouse of Village Chance to be convenient for their teaching and to get understanding of everyday life of people with disabilities here. We played a friendly basketball match together at Village Chance on the last day of their trip before they come back to Hongkong.

Sinh Vien Hong Kong Sinh Vien Hong Kong
Sinh Vien Hong Kong Sinh Vien Hong Kong

Maison Chance would like to thank PEACE, especially the young volunteers who were on this trip for their enthusiasm in teaching English to the kids. These little ones have become interested in English since they were here. We’re looking forward to seeing you again.

Phoi Kim