The suffocating heat marked the first days of June in the Central Highlands. Despite her knee injury from an accident, Ms Tim, leaning on her crutch, accompanied by her team from Maison Chance in Dak Nong, visited three remote villages in the province to distribute rice to the poverty-stricken villagers.

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Maison Chance has carried out this essential community-driven project for a long time and continues to help disadvantaged communities to overcome the difficulties caused by natural disasters and, in particular, the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic this year.

Despite the financial problems aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Maison Chance is trying to help in the best way possible by distributing rice to underprivileged people in Dak Nong Province, where is home to several ethnic minorities.

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For two days, in collaboration with local authorities, Maison Chance Social Center in Dak Nong distributed 5 tonnes of rice to 434 residents of three villages in Dak Nong province.

During the first day, we handed out 1.5 tonnes of rice to 150 impoverished people in the village of Tan Thanh. The following day, 284 inhabitants of the villages of Duc Xuyen and Dak Dro received 3.5 tonnes of rice, i.e. around 10 to 15 kg of rice for each beneficiary.

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For Tim and the Maison Chance team, seeing the smile on these beneficiaries’ faces, walking home with a rice sack in their arms, suddenly the tiredness, the heat during the last two days of social work was gone. This such happiness is always a source of motivation for the Maison Chance team and gives us the courage to continue our missions.

The article: Thao Phan