The Successful Story of an Orphan Who Took Wing in Life

Sang came to Maison Chance 10 years ago, orphaned and illiterate. Today, he makes a living as a mechanic and he is dreaming of having his own repair shop.

Sang was born in 1987 from very poor farmers at Ka Tum, in the province of Tay Ninh, at the Cambodian border. He is the eldest of three children. He has a sister and a brother. His father died when he was 8, stepping on an explosive device left after the war. They survived by begging in the villages around. Then Sang’s mother found another man and left, taking only the youngest child. Sang’s relatives then decided to give the two orphans to Maison Chance.

Sang was 10 years old when he arrived at Maison Chance. Since he has never been to school, he had to start from the first grade.

He grew up with his brother and sister, also orphans, in our Shelter. At the age of 17, he started to learn mechanics. A year later as his training was completed, he left Maison Chance to rent a room outside. He found a job at a motorcycle repair shop and earns 1,500,000 dong a month (approximately 100 USD).

He is dreaming of opening his own repair shop and is plotting this project with a friend as partner. His sister, Giau, is two years younger and finished 9th grade. She is now completing a training to become a hairdresser and a make-up specialist for weddings. She lives at the school on the other side of Saigon.

Sang lives close to Maison Chance and comes once or twice a week to say hello or play games at the Internet café or hang out with other beneficiaries at Maison Chance.