Friday, May 31, 159 students of the Village Chance celebrated the end of the school year in the presence of all the teachers. The ceremony was punctuated by songs and dances of the students of the 5 classes.

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During the school year, the students participated in many extracurricular activities such as music, dance, taekwondo, circus acrobatic, or other summer activities. This occasion was the time they were able to show their different talent! Some girls performed songs admired by their applauding peers and teachers.

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One of the classes had made their own costumes under the motto “recycling”. They wore their beautiful self-made outfit from plastics, cardboard boxes, crepe paper, etc.

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A group of students from Hongkong joined the ceremony with a dance and song. Playing together, the children were very happy!

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At the end of the morning, the teachers entered the stage. The children offered bouquets of flowers to them, followed by receiving the certificates and gifts. The primary school said goodbye those students who continue their studies in junior high school next year.

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63.7% of the students were rewarded for their achievements and their ability to overcome difficulties during this school year 2018-2019. However, reasons for students’ difficulties are diverse like age inequalities between students within the same class; the different ability of acquisition of knowledge (some students started the frist grade without having been in kindergarten); the unjustified absences and abandonment of studies and the disinterest of parents in their children’s learning. These are the challenges the school and teachers are facing right now and working hard on finding solutions.

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This annual ceremony is an opportunity to close the school year by congratulating the students and letting them express themselves through songs and dances, but also to wish them a great holiday!


Text: Eléonore