This is the 17th time Sacombank organizes the Warm Spring celebration with the message “Spread happiness – Give Love” to support orphans, street children, disabled and lonely elderly people living in charitable organizations. However, this year and for the second consecutive time, Sacombank has prepared a personal celebration for our beneficiaries and pupils exclusively at the Village Chance.

The ceremony commenced with fun games hosted by the Sacombank’s emcee. Some children therefore won some prizes for singing a lovely song or popping balloons. Then, a few attendants gave their speech to thank Maison Chance’s devotion or Sacombank’s generosity. Maison Chance has received a check offered by the bank. Everyone here could then enjoy a traditional Vietnamese drums performance and songs performed by some of our children. Some employees of Sacombank have also taken the mic and sung their hearts out!

After all these gorgeous melodies, dozens of grinning Sacombank’s employees have effectively and kindly distributed a huge bag filled with provisions and a traditional “lucky money” envelopes. It was impressing to see such activity and joy during the ceremony. After all, people enjoy giving and receiving!
Everyone had a great time thanks to this traditional Têt celebration. The given provisions and money will help the beneficiaries and the children’s families to have some spare money and use as they wish, as they do not always have the resources required to fully enjoy the most important celebration in Vietnam.

On behalf of all beneficiaries and pupils, Maison Chance would like to cordially thank the generosity and the efforts of Sacombank for their action. We sincerely hope to keep counting on their kindness in the future.

The article: Dan-Thomas