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Alice, Christopher, Hien Linh, Jasmine, Le, Tuan, Chun Lai, Joseph, Ethan and Stephanie: here are the names of eight volunteers and two coordinators of the 4th mission of the PEACE project (Protect and Empower Al Children through Education) which is held at Maison Chance. Created in 2014 by two Hong Kong students, this volunteer network aims to help children in their studies, by giving them solid foundation to continue their schooling.

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For this new edition, the team is over motivated and very well prepared. Schedules, activities and pedagogy: they have discussed about all of those for six months with Maison Chance.

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What will be their mission for two weeks? Learning English in a fun and interactive way to Village students, while giving them the desire to maintain their momentum.

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They still have few days in Vietnam and they will enjoy this wonderful experience to the end.

Many thanks for your coming and your work from Maison Chance association and we hope to see you next year.

By: Anne-Lise