Last May, SAITEX International, a manufacturing company specialized in premium denim and over-dyed products in Dong Nai, gave us new sewing machines. This equipment helped us to improve our Take Wing Center’s sewing workshop, thus improving the working conditions of our disabled beneficiaries.

This time, SAITEX financed the whole dental clinic of our new Social Center including the construction and the equipment supplies. Last week, a delegation came to inaugurate the dental clinic. It’s a huge luck for our beneficiaries and a real need. Our Center is in the Central Highlands, an isolated region of Vietnam. Therefore, dental clinics cannot be found near the Center: the nearest dentist is located 30km away from here.

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In addition, such care services are so costly, that families cannot afford. As a result, a lot of children, if not, all children, have never received any dental care. For our tetraplegic beneficiaries and our unfortunate children from the province who live in our Center, this clinic is an opportunity to reduce the suffering and offer periodic dental examination and treat dental problems.

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Indeed, the aim of the dental clinic is to provide qualified dental care services to the beneficiaries and children living in the Center. We are in need of experienced volunteer dentist that could come at least once a week to our Center. He will offer periodic dental examination and treat dental problems such as cavities, tartar, sensitive teeth, gingivitis, cracked or broken teeth, etc.

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The dental care room was built in the same building as the infirmary and the physiotherapy room. The installation of the equipment was completed in October 2019. An upcoming checkup took place on November the 6th and 7th. A team from SAITEX came on site as well as a dentist from Ho Chi Minh City who performed dental examinations on our first 44 beneficiaries within less than two days!

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The dental clinic will significantly contribute to the health protection of its beneficiaries by providing regular healthcare and examination. Maison Chance would love to express our sincere gratitude for the valuable sponsorship we have received from SAITEX.

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Text: Eléonore & Dan Thomas