Cường and Vương from ATNM CO.Ltd, an IT company, introduced their professional training scholarship at the Take Wing Center.

IT-formation02 IT-formation01

This company offers 30 scholarship to our beneficiaries dedicated to the IT studying program which includes three fields: Graphic design, Web design, and E-marketing. All of our interested beneficiaries can participate in it, it’s not confined to IT workshop’s members only.

Our IT workshop hosts around 15 employees who print visit cards, edit images and videos, create websites and other graphic services for companies. It’s been already a while our IT workshop members had a teacher or program like this. Whenever they have a professional problem, they need to solve it by themselves, without the help of an expert. Therefore, they kept asking for a teacher to improve their IT skills.

The professional training proposed by ATNM CO.Ltd company is a wonderful opportunity for all our beneficiaries interested in IT. It will allow everyone who desires to study and to deepen their expertise.

30 Maison Chance beneficiaries can enjoy this online training. Online trainers are available for questions every day from 9 am to 9 pm, which allows students to be flexible and still accomplish their daily workload. This training lasts four months in average, depending on their abilities. The trainers require the students to have at least three sessions in a week, with each session lasts 3 hours. Students are free to consult the trainers online if they face a problem while studying.

These scholarships are really important because our beneficiaries will acquire new IT skills, becoming more competitive on the labor market. It could also open new job opportunities to them. Thank you to Cường and Vương from ATNM CO.Ltd company, this training will enhance the chances of our beneficiaries and support them becoming more independent!

Text: Eléonore