From the very beginning of Maison Chance, sewing has been taught to our beneficiaries with disabilities and it has kept growing to become now our most important workshop. The Shelter was built in the area where the main occupation of its habitants is sewing. Most of the people living around us take orders from sewing factories. They can make a part or the whole products at home then send back to the factories. This work has contributed significantly to the local development. In addition, sewing is an appropriate work for people living in wheelchairs. Even their legs are paralyzed, their hands still strong and can work perfectly. The only thing we need to do is to adjust the sewing machines so that these people can use their elbow to control the on/off switch.


Over the years, our beneficiaries are able to make sophisticated products such as animal-chaped keychain, stuff animal, bag, clothes… Many of them have become skillful tailors and been able to live on their own. However, as time has flown, our machines have downgraded gradually. The equipment of the sewing workshop is also not identical. We have tried to buy the machines time to time or ask for donation, so they are from various brands and suppliers with different quality. The upgrade of the sewing workshop becomes more and more urgent when we create the social enterprise to boost our sales and cooperation with other factories.


On May 25th, Saitex International, a manufacturing operation specialized in premium denim and over-dyed products in Dong Nai, visited Maison Chance at the Village Chance and Take Wing center. About 20 employees of Saitex brought happiness to our children at the primary school by giving them a lot of cakes, candies and milk bottles, as well as to our beneficiaries at the sewing workshop by giving them new machines and a lot of fabric and other sewing equipment. All the machines which are cutting-edge and brand-new promise to help us upgrade our sewing workshop. We also receive machines that we have not had before and that will allow us vary our products.


All the members of the sewing workshop are now very happy with the new equipment they just got from Saitex. They are learning to use the new machines and get used to with them. It takes time to adapt with new things, but they all feel encouraged and optimistic about the future of the sewing workshop, as well as about the development of their own career.


Post: Long Hai