3 and half months! It has been the length that Nelli’s volunteered at Maison Chance’s Project Office. She has accomplished different missions in the communication field like writing and translating articles in English and German for the website, but she also fundraised, and participated to Maison Chance’s events. This volunteer from Germany has helped a lot Maison Chance Project Office, always giving new ideas and supporting the local team.

IMG_7638 IMG_0419

During these few months of volunteering, Nelli also could have enjoyed the Take Wing Center’s local neighborhood, with its vegetarian restaurant and other local dishes, the little shops around, the mall, the gym and the karaoke! Indeed, a great way to experiment the life like a real Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City.


Nelli has been a wonderful volunteer and a wonderful friend for everyone here. She hasn’t missed any opportunity to show her kindness and her devotion towards her colleagues and the beneficiaries. She was always ready to help, to listen, to give helpful advices… and to laugh! All the project team already miss you a lot Nelli. We wish you the very greatest of success in Jakarta!


Text: Eléonore