After two months of discussion and coming to an unanimity with Maison Chance Saigon Project Team, In the early morning of 30 November, the NashTech & Harvey Nash staff including 38 people arrived at the Maison Chance Daknong. Bringing along ample passion, youth, caring and profound love for the children, they have given many meaningful gifts to the children at the centre.

Harvey Nash is well-known for leading in IT recruitment and providing business solutions. Belonging to the mother enterprise Harvey Nash England, NashTech is the company specialising in developing software technology. The staff has travelled 300 km from Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City to the centre in Daknong and carrying along an important message: “Giving small love, you will receive great happiness”.

In the morning of 30th November, the crew had breakfast with the children, joining exercises, watching documentary about Maison Chance Daknong and with the guides visiting the centre. Everyone really enjoyed the place here. In the afternoon, at 14h00 at the multi-function house of the centre, the scholarship ceremony for the children with difficult financial circumstances took place. NashTech & Harvey Nash gave out 16 scholarships valued 80 million Dong for the 2019-2020 school year and the essential stationeries for the children’s study and activities. These included 50 detergent packages, 50 P/S toothpastes, 7 boxes of milk, 50 bottles of 1L cooking oil, 50 bottles of shampoo and 1000 notebooks. After the ceremonies, the crew also made cocktail, organising mini-games for the kids to join and eating together. Infused with the innocent laughter of the children was the emotional contemplation of the crew. Significantly, in the night of 30/11, the crew silently and secretly organised a birthday party for nearly 160 students and the disabled people. This was the first time for them to have a birthday party in such a big family and in such a special surrounding like this. This will be an unforgettable memory with the children and the NashTech & Harvey Nash family.

All journeys have their ends, the crew has to come back with their daily jobs. Bearing in mind the thought “can’t leave but also can’t stay”, we separated in tearful nostalgia. In the morning 1/12, the bus started rolling, bringing the crew back to Ho Chi Minh City. The help and the unity of the crew will aid the children overcome difficulties, challenges and encourage their creativity and curiosity. The children will become contributory citizens of the society later on thanks to the help of the crew. Via the fund, the scholarship and the suppliance from the company, the children have the chance to quickly approach to modern education environment and integrate to the society. This is really meaningful to them and to us.

“For the 10 year benefit, nurture trees. For the 100 year benefit, nurture humanity.” The centre gracefully thanks the practical actions and moral thoughts of the company. We wish the company health, prosperity and benefits to the society.

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