This Monday an experienced Australian dentist, Dr. Phillip Lam came to visit our children at Village Chance with a significant mission. The founder of Outwork Kindness, a movement that encourages people to be more kind to more people, prepared a presentation to educate the children regarding the importance of good oral hygiene practices as well as a healthy diet.

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Great support came from Jenny Cheng, James Le and Cindy Bi who assisted Dr Lam while he explained to our primary students the keys to having healthy teeth. James Le did a wonderful job as translator!


Using a dental hygiene model, the team gave demonstrations on the proper brushing technique. The team advised our children to brush at least twice a day for a minimum of three minutes each time and to keep their intake of sugary and acidic food and drinks to a bare minimum. Encouraging them to eat healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables, the kids also learned more about the role diet has to oral health.

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Earlier this year, Dr Lam has spent a few days in our dental clinic treating the kids and has seen the problem firsthand. Unfortunately, many of them have an extremely high rate of decay and their teeth are of poor condition. Therefore, he consulted with the founder and director of Maison Chance, Tim Aline Rebeaud, regarding this issue.


Eventually, the decision was made that from now on, the school at Village Chance will be a sugar free zone. This means the school will no longer sell soft drinks, sweets and junk food. The children are also no longer allowed to bring these foods into the school.

In the near future, Dr Lam will be sharing his knowledge as dentist with the parents. He will also advise them about the foods and drinks to avoid. The hope is that once both the parents and child, deeply understand this matter, they will want to make a change and therefore true change can take effect.

Text: Nelli