Meals offered by Maison Chance to a psychiatric hospital

Once or twice a year, a team from Maison Chance distributes meals in a mental asylum. This is where Tim met Thanh 20 years ago.

The initiative came from Thanh, twenty years after being rescued by Tim in the psychiatric hospital of Thu Duc. He has not forgotten where he comes from. He has not forgotten those who are still there. Each year, one or two visits are organized to give love to confined patients who do not have any relative. Meals are often made for them.

This time, the cooks, also beneficiaries of Maison Chance, got down preparing over 1,200 meals to distribute. And there was no question to lower the requirements. On the menu: Banh Uot, rice filled pancakes, typical dish of Vietnam. The bakery workshop also gave a hand to make 1,300 cakes.

A bus for 50 people from Maison Chance had been chartered. Children, adults, students, employees, volunteers and beneficiaries, all have vigorously participated in this excursion. After loading the vehicle with immense food containers and milk cartons, the bus left the Village Chance early in the morning. Once on site, it was necessary to pack cakes and milk cartons in plastic bags. Good will was not missing though. Hundreds of hands reached out to make their contribution and to make this action a global event. Distribution time has led to the same enthusiasm. Each patient in the hospital was given a meal as well as a bag containing a cake and milk.

Maison Chance’s team went through every common room and thus was able to meet everyone. The visit began with the women’s quarters and continued with men. The welcome was very warm. Some widely opened their arms, others sported bright smile and some even sang a song, clapping, welcoming the arrival of visitors. Plenty of “Thank you” rang out and handshakes were exchanged by dozen.

In the men’s quarter, two of them have started break dance’s spins, later joined by a topless dancer, whirling on the concrete floor. We even talked about football. “Oh, you’re French? a French volunteer was asked – I know Djorkaeff, I even played with him.” Tim Aline came closer to each of them, questioning them about their history, listening carefully and providing them with soothing words.

This exchange between disadvantaged children, disabled people and patients of the hospitalwas held in a cheerfulness environment. At Maison Chance, everyone was committed to this task, and providing assistance to those poorer than themselves led to a real source of joy for the disabled and children of Maison Chance. By late afternoon, the bus left to return to Maison Chance with heads full of memories and hearts full of joy.

Armelle de Rocquigny

May 2013