Maison Chance is a non-governmental organization, (NGO), free from any political or religious ideology and has been recognized by Vietnamese authorities since 1998.

The operating license of Maison Chance is updated every year. Since the end of 2007, Maison Chance has partnered with the Vietnamese organisation, “The Charity helping sick and destitute from Ho Chi Minh City”.

Being associated to a local partner is required by the Vietnamese authorities. However, even if this requirement is applied to all NGOs, Maison Chance has always maintained its freedom of action, including long-term and short-term planning, hiring and internal organization.

More than 70 people, both Vietnamese and from abroad, are employed, and a dozen volunteers constantly give their support to Maison Chance.

About the beneficiaries: around 50 people are living at the shelter, 100 are accommodated at the Village Chance and 240 children of the neighborhoods are provided with free schooling.

Board of Directors

The operational management of Maison Chance has been led, by its founder, Tim Aline Rebeaud, who is also Vice president of the Board of Directors. The president is M. Pham Hong Ky, representative of the local partner, “The Charity helping sick and destitute from Ho Chi Minh City”. All others members of the Board of Directors are permanent employees of Maison Chance.

The Board of Directors members meet on weekly basis to plan daily activities of the Shelter, Take Wing Center and Village Chance, also for administrative and medical follow-up regarding beneficiaries.

Also, to draw up an assessment of the period gone by and to set the objectives for the year to come, in coordination with The International Maison Chance foundation, an annual meeting is held.


At the beginning of 2017, Maison Chance employs 07 people in the project office and 65 people for the management and operation of the programs. Also, 11 foreign volunteers and Vietnamese are supporting us. In total, there are 83 people working for Maison Chance.

Department Number of Employees Number of Vietnamese Volunteers Number of Volunteers abroad
Project Office 05 01 06
Board of Directors 03 03
Administration & Finance 05 05
Social Department 03 03
Education 13 03 01 17
Training & Production 05 05
Health Department 09 04 02 15
Catering Department 04 04
Goods and services:- Property management- Security guards- Cleaners 21 21
Total 72 07 04 83


Also, foreign volunteers offer support, primarily in the areas of Health and Education.