The goal of Maison Chance is to help the most unfortunates to finally find their place in society. The majority of the beneficiaries have reached this goal: once their education is completed, former street children and orphans find stable jobs. When disabled people have recovered their full health and finished their vocational training, they get married, start a family and achieve independence. However, the rehabilitation of elderly people with more severe disabilities is much more complicated. These longtime beneficiaries are all from the countryside. They are aging and unable to find their place in the urban environment, especially because of their modest educational background.

As a result, Maison Chance built the construction of a new shelter in the province of Đắk Nông, in Krong No district specifically. Building this shelter was crucial because this province is one of the poorest areas of the region. Likewise, no well-organized social structure providing adapted living conditions for the handicapped and on-the-job training opportunities for them to be able to settle down exists. The large proportion of disadvantaged ethnic minorities facing difficulties explains the importance of developing the Social Center in Đắk Nông.

The map Vietnam Krongno the district map

Based on more than 20 years of experience of Maison Chance in Ho Chi Minh City, this center follows the same principles of family cohabitation between different kinds of residents. It supports a larger scale of beneficiaries: physically disabled (elderly) people as well as children and orphans, mostly from remote minority villages. The programs of the organization will give them the opportunity to feel more respected and useful in the family community that we create.

The goal of the project is to improve health and living conditions, to support and reintegrate into society the most vulnerable people in the Đắk Nông region, through access to appropriate education and vocational training. The project aims to provide direct and sustainable aid to the health, social and economic development of Krong No district, Đắk Nông province.

This Social Center’s primary aim is to host people with a disability and the disadvantaged of all ages in the region, provide accommodation for the handicapped elderly who cannot become independent, and offer jobs for local community members.

Maison Chance Social Center

  • Provide an answer to the housing problem of homeless orphans and people with disabilities in the province through the creation of an adapted center suitable to their needs.
  • Improve the quality of life for people with disabilities by providing appropriate medical assistance and innovative rehabilitative therapies.
  • Participate in the elimination of illiteracy of children and young adults (orphans and people with a disability) in the region by enabling them to have access to education, and offer them a strong basic knowledge to join our society.
  • Provide employment through vocational training that is catered towards each individual’s difficulties and challenges.
  • Improve the integration of people with disabilities in the community and their relationship with their family.