To help impoverished student families in Saigon City cope with Covid-19, Maison Chance provided a second wave of food aid from October 7 to 9. This time, the aid includes not only rice and basic essentials, but also everyday hygiene supplies for families (bath soap, washing powder, toothbrush, dishwashing liquid), as well as milk, eggs, meat, and canned fish.

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The number of student families seeking assistance this time has climbed to 204 households with approximately 900 people, thanks to the city’s efforts to ease social distancing restrictions.

Since the city’s epidemic condition remains unpredictable, Maison Chance employees made careful preparations a week in advance to ensure the project’s success.

As many families with children informed us that their entire family had been infected with COVID-19, and some parents are still undergoing treatment, the recipients did not hide their emotions when receiving the food aid. For them, ensuring the safety of the family members during the pandemic is a top priority, and other concerns are temporarily set aside. As a result, the food aid from Maison Chance has motivated the students’ families to gradually return to a normal life.

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We hope to receive more and more assistance from donors at home and abroad so that support for the underprivileged students’ families is not only a necessity but also a means of addressing other critical concerns, easing some of the burdens on their families.

Translate: Toan Nguyen