After many years of work, the book « Maison Chance – a future for the less fortunate in Vietnam » was written in Vietnamese by the author Hoàng Nữ Ngọc Tim – Founder of Maison Chance. With the support of the Youth Publishing House regarding the writing, the printing and the distribution, the book “Maison Chance” was published for the first time in Ho Chi Minh City on August 16th 2017.

Following the success of the launching in Ho Chi Minh City, the book was also launched in Hanoi on September 14th 2017; once more with the enthusiastic support of the Youth Publishing House and the MC Quy Binh. This event was also a hit.

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In the hall of the Vietnamese Women’s Museum, on the morning of September 14th, we welcomed more than a 100 readers, journalists, editors in chief and writers. The room wasn’t jammed but the event was a real success.

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Encouraged by the handsome and joyful MC Quy Binh, the readers asked many questions to Hoàng Nữ Ngọc Tim about the founding and development of Maison Chance. For this special occasion, Maison Chance had brought for sale some products made by its beneficiaries with disabilities such as cuddly toys, oil paintings or semi-precious stones! Thanks to the good willing of the participants, almost nothing was left!

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Following the event, the author Hoàng Nữ Ngọc Tim was invited by VTV (Vietnamese national television company) to participate to the recording and live transmission of their evening program on VTV1.

When we came back to Ho Chi Minh City we were tired from this busy day; but we were also very excited by the unexpected success of this journey.

Maison Chance would like to sincerely thank the Youth Publishing House for its support and for the publishing of the book “Maison Chance”; as well as the MC Quy Binh who always joins us for our events!

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