Laeticia Hallyday is a great friend of Maison Chance. Through her association La Bonne Étoile, she keeps supporting our kindergarten over the years. During her holiday in Vietnam this time, Laeticia Hallyday paid a visit to Maison Chance last Saturday, January 5th.

In the morning, Tim found Laeticia at her hotel in District 1 and brought her with her two graceful daughters to the Take Wing Center, where she visited the vocational training workshops. Last time when she was here, the cutting-stone workshop has not open yet. Actually, our beneficiaries could make jewelry and small statues from semi-precious stone. Tim presented Laeticia the progress of the Maison Chance social center in Dak Nong. Many changes have been placed since she was there.

Lunch took place in a friendly atmosphere at the restaurant of the Village Chance. Then came the part that Laeticia most expected. It was to visit the kindergarten. Laeticia had nice afternoon with all children that she helped. She was also amazed by the circus performed by the children living at the shelter. The visit ended with the visit of the residents living in apartments adapted for people in wheelchair.

Thanks to the continuously support of La Bonne Étoile, the association run by Laeticia Hallyday and Hélène Darroze, our kindergarten gives its services to the children of our beneficiaries, especially the people with disabilities, so that they could reduce their charge and focus on working.

Text by Long Hai