Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Indeed, etymologically, education means “guided out of”. It allows us to develop our interpersonal and professional skills and find our place in this world. It promotes professional opportunities, teaches values and morals. Thus, children who have access to education are armed to be part of a society and to exploit their intellectual, moral and physical faculties.

Dear teachers, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for passing us down your knowledge and skills…”. On November 20th of 2019, like every year at Village Chance, we celebrate Teacher’s Day. This celebration happens to thank teachers for transmitting their knowledge and values, providing education and being pedagogical and for their patience with the student.


The Village Chance’s school welcomes the neighborhood’s unfortunate kids from an early age. It gives the keys to know-how, softs-skills and knowledge in different fields. During their schooling, the teachers follow them individually, until the final exams in grade 5, just before they take flight… They will be able to take better decisions about their future on their own, have an analytical mind, express themselves, have acquired a certain maturity and an education.

The teacher’s day is the occasion to express gratitude, show all the respect and thank all the teaching staff. Thus, this ceremony takes place at Village Chance school. It welcomes every student, teacher, the head teacher and all the administration staff.

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At this occasion, children from the kindergarten to the 5th grade expressed themselves through different songs and choreographies, poems and rhymes. A fanfare composed by kids from another school played a lot of music, just after the traditional Vietnamese drums’ performers. The children’s representative made a speech to thank the professors.

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Three students were congratulated for their attendance at work. Then, the Take Wing Center’s Director, the school Director and teachers spoke. This event has shown the beautiful complicity between the students and the teachers of Village Chance, their mutual respect and heartfelt thanks.

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Text: Eléonore

And in Dak Nong…

Maison Chance celebrates the Teacher’s Day on the 20/11 with the children

On November 20th, the atmosphere welcomed Vietnamese teachers. The center Maison Chance in Dak Sor commune, Krong No district, Dak Nong province has been bustling since the afternoon of November 17th. Like many other schools, the central school delegation also planned to hold a sports or arts competition to celebrate this special day. However, there were a few interesting differences.

20-11-DK01 20-11-DK02

Maison Chance school has only 5 classes from grades 1 to 5 and three specialized classes. Most students are in extreme difficult circumstances, orphans, mentally and physically disabled. The children were taken to the center by Tim to attend literacy classes and daily nurturing care under the roof of the Social Center. Here they are provided the opportunity to learn and have fun like any other normal children. The children study in an advanced educational environment, which helps them develop their physical and mental abilites. They no longer follow their grandparents and parents to the upland fields, harvesting corn and vegetables. Instead, they are now learning to read and write, taking English classes, IT, and art courses, which might open up many career opportunities in the future. It can’t be denied that they will still have to encounter many difficulties given the circumstances. However, they at least have a meaningful childhood like many other children. The hours of reading in the sunshine, the rehearsals of the music sounding like birds chirping are reminiscent of their childhood. Their smiles reverberate and their eyes become brighter as they enter Maison Chance. The teachers are locals who have tremendous love to give to the children. In the specialized classes, teaching is more challenging because they are mentally unstable. They cannot pay attention to the lessons for several minutes. For this reason, the teachers in these classes are extremely patient and responsible. To celebrate Teacher’s Day, the children try to have an exemplary behavior, study well, participate in music and cheer on sports. They treat the teachers like their mothers. They offer gifts like wildflowers or a simple handmade gift to their beloved teachers. The teachers here will never be disappointed because of their students’ obedience and politeness are the most beautiful gift that they could wish for every day. Every year, the center always organizes sports competitions to honor and thank the teachers who have devoted their hearts to education. With a desire to enhance organizational awareness, solidarity and mutual understanding between individuals and departments and to create a joyful atmosphere for 20/11, the Center has organized badminton competitions, swimming and tug of war for all members of Maison Chance.

Following the format of the random draw, matches were scheduled on November 17th, 2019. Six prizes were given for first place in 4 sports, 1 second prize, 1 third prize and 1 consolation prize. On the opening day at 14:30 on November 17th, many teachers and staff at the center registered to participate. The center also proposed employees to swim in the pool in order to practice before the official competition on November 18th. On the 19th, the Open Badminton Tournament competition between men, women and singles began. Many spectators cheered for their favorite teams. On the 20th, the most expecting competition took place, 4 departments divided into 4 teams for the tug of war. It was an exciting and thrilling competition. They were well matched for the game, which made it difficult to predict the victorious team. After an hour of competition, the training + medical department won. The prize of the first badminton tournament for men and women was given to the teacher’s team. The first prize in men’s swimming went to Mr. Kien of the social department. As for women swimmers, the first prize was given to Tam of the education department.

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This year, November 20th was a sunny and windy day, full of love and gratitude for the teachers at Maison Chance. There are 365 days in a year but only one reserved for students to show their love towards teachers. The remaining 364 are the days for the students to prove their love. Teacher’s Day ended with excitement, festivity and joy. It was an unforgettable day for all. We wish the teachers at the center happiness, wellness and the best with their noble career. Always guide the children with this quotation, “Let your energy live like a succulent sprouting in the sun and wind, and live as the fragrant flowers for life”.

Translation: Dan Thomas