Happy Class, an association comprising families engaged in volunteer work, took advantage of the summer holidays to visit our centers at HCMC. The tour began with a visit of the Take Wing Center and its manufacturing workshops. The members of Happy Class were able to see disabled beneficiaries at work making of stuffed animals, cutting precious stones, or creating beautiful oil painting. Impressed by the painters’ skills, they bought some of their art works.

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Afterwards, the Maison Chance bus took all our friends Village Chance where they headed to the bakery. Maison Chance organized a workshop and our two bakers helped the little ones to make their own pastries. While waiting for the cakes to be baked, the Happy Class kids joined the Vollage children who just had sport classes. Together they played basketball and shot some hoops!

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Everyone was very eager to meet Tim, who spent part of the afternoon answering their questions like “Will you open other Maison Chance centers to continue helping people in need? ” or “Did you miss your parents and your native city when you arrived in Vietnam?”. Tim replied that she would continue to open as many centers as possible to help disadvantaged people in Vietnam, and of course she missed her Swiss family, but her family was here, too.

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After having a teamtime snack with beneficiaries, it was time to get the cakes out of the oven and taste them. Thanks again to Happy Class for this beautiful day. It was a real pleasure to have you back with us!

Translation: Nelli