Patricia, Guillaume, Ethan & Laëtitia are French people who came to Maison Chance during their holiday in Vietnam. ✈️🌏 They slept in the Village Chance and could enjoy community life with the inhabitants and Maison Chance’s beneficiaries.

A lot of people here were deeply touched by their kindness. They paid a lunch for all the Village Chance’s kids, all the Take Wing Center’s workers and came to help the cooks during the morning. 🍜🍗🥢

IMG_1146 IMG_1141

They’ve also financed school supplies. The day before, they visited our centers and came in each classroom to offer the children some notebooks, marker pens and pens. 🖍📕🖊 It made kids and teachers cheerful!

IMG_1109 IMG_1099 IMG_1096 IMG_1067
IMG_1051 IMG_1065 IMG_1045 IMG_1000

Patricia, a talented haidresser, cut the hair of several primary school children!

IMG_1139 IMG_1128

Thank you for all your love and support. ❤️


Text: Eléonore