This year, Christmas has arrived in advance for the children and disabled people of Maison Chance. The 21st of December 2019, a group of student and teacher from the Gayle Garden English Teaching Center in Ho Chi Minh City have brought gifts and Christmas magic to Maison Chance.

An even bigger surprise was the presence of Santa Claus! More than 200 gifts had been carefully prepared according to the age and the preferences of each child and beneficiary. The kids have exulted with joy when they met Santa Claus. The adult beneficiaries were also happily surprised when they received their gifts. Smiles and joy have brightened this day.

The affection, the kindness and the generosity coming from strangers will give members of Maison Chance a helping hand to overcome the obstacles ahead for a brighter future. Memories of this Christmas will be remembered in each person’s memory to enlighten their projects for the upcoming year.

Translated by: Dan Thomas