With the purpose of collecting funds for our projects in Vietnam, Tim went to Europe where charity events were organized for Maison Chance at the end of October.

She flew to London with her three companions: the famous MC-actor-singer Quy Binh, the singer Lam Ngoc Hoa and the singer Bang Cuong. The flight company Vietnam Airlines generously financed an important part of the travelling costs, which alleviated considerably our expenses.

Image1Singer: Quy Binh, Lam Ngoc Hoa, Bang Cuong

and Robert Hoang Canh of Eng Vina.

Image2The guest at Yi-Ban Restaurant.

Once arrived, the charity events succeeded one another. The first gala was organized by the NGO Engvina Charity at the restaurant Yi-Ban on the evening of October 21st. Many famous Vietnamese singers sang on the stage to mark the occasion.

Image3Giang (member of the organization committee), Tim and Hung of Yi-Ban Restaurant. Image4The music band “No Name”.

The next evening, the renowned Nguyen Ngoc Ngan celebrated in Birmingham his 25th year of carrier as MC of the entertainment show Paris By Night. The MCs Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen and Trinh Hoi offered to Tim the opportunity to share Maison Chance’s story during the ceremony.

Finally on October 24th, a last event was organized nearby the Thames in the famous New Saigon restaurant (Linh Nhung), the first Vietnamese restaurant established in London.

Image5Tim and Trinh Hoi at Yi-Ban restaurant. Image6

Tim, MC Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen and Trinh Hoi at Birmingham.

This trip enabled to gather more than $50.000. Maison Chance is very grateful to the different organizers of this tour and to all the donors as each contribution leads us a bit closer to the opening of the new social center in Dak Nong.

Post: Kai