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There are various signs of success. One of them is international cooperation. For non-governmental organizations visitors from foreign countries mean that their work has been heard of and appreciated abroad. It brings great satisfaction, that’s why we are so happy to tell you about a recent visit of guests from Singapore.

In the first week of October, 1.10-9.10, we welcomed 24 students and 2 staff members from the Republic Polytechnic in Singapore. As a part of an International Service Learning Project (ISLP), they were conducting various exciting activities for the children at Maison Chance. During the six days, they taught children about science, cultures, and languages, helped boost their artistic skills and learn some new games they can play on the playground.

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The first day was all about getting to know each other and bonding through playing ice-breaking and traditional games, such as Chapteh and Ddakji. Later came time for a bit of learning about basic hygiene and some more fun making origami. World Culture Day came next, packed with the most important information on different countries, language classes after which children will be able to impress any foreigner.

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The third day was devoted to science. However serious that could sound it was all having fun. And of course learning at the same time, by doing experiments with eggs, baking soda reaction, paper chromatography and different. There’s no better way to end such a brain-exhausting day than decorating biscuits and making fruit salads.

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As a famous phrase says “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, after science it was time for some physical activity. Day 4 began with stretching and mass dance and was followed by games like Tug of War, Tallest tower or paper plane competition. The next day was probably the most awaited by both children and students. Because who doesn’t like food? Especially if it’s a national specialty like Singapore’s famous Hainanese Chicken Rice, which children learned how to make themselves. On the last day, children were able to discover artists in themselves painting with fingers, designing tote bags and making friendship bands.

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The week was a great success and even greater experience for the children and students from Singapore. The little “students” broadened their knowledge and learned new skills, which could develop into a passion, while the “big” students could see how rewarding it is to work for a good cause.  Little things like a week-long workshop and visit can make a good change for both sides. We hope that our guests brought good memories back home and will visit Maison Chance and their little students somewhere near in the future.

Singapore (9)

Barbara Russa