On December 23rd, 2019, Eleonore boarded her flight Ho Chi Minh City-Paris, therefore marking an end to her dedicated 9-month volunteering work for Maison Chance. She arrived in March 2019 and oversaw the social media communication, the web design, welcoming French-speaking visitors, covering one-off events, taking pictures, etc. It is not at all exaggerated to say that she has contributed in implementing a lot of articles you have read or events you have heard of for the last 9 months. Always in a good mood, motivated, generous and hardworking, Eleonore has brought new fresh air and good atmosphere in the Project Office and wherever she went. Our French volunteer loved helping the ones in need. In Ho Chi Minh City as well as in Dak Nong, whether human beings or animals, Eleonore has not missed any opportunities to show her kindness and patience.

During these 9 months, Eleonore has fully adapted to the typical Saigonese lifestyle. Whether the scooter trips through the city or the karaoke nights, she merged entirely in the 10 million citizens of the animated HCMC. She even knew how to order some coffee or a soup in Vietnamese in the little shops lining up the streets!

Eleonore has contributed a lot to Maison Chance, and we can only wish, that this adventure with Maison Chance has given her even more! From the bottom of the hearts of your colleagues, beneficiaries and people that you have met: THANK YOU!

The article: Dan Thomas