Big dream (3)

“How you were born into this world is not all in your hands, but how you are going to be gone from this world is all in your hands!”, a mantra Steve Saravanan, founder and director of Dream Big Pte Ltd, is convinced of. Together with friends and team members of Dream Big, Steve came all the way from Singapore to visit the Maison Chance’s Centers and play a motivational game with the Village Chance students of grade 3,4 and 5.

Big dream (3)

Last Friday afternoon, the classroom’s air was filled with thoughts about dreams. “What dreams do you have?”, asked Steve the children, giving them the task to write down ten little or big dreams on a paper. Steve, also known as Mr. Dream Big, is a motivational trainer who decided to make a difference in young people’s lives by using his own story of difficult adolescent. “It is important to ask kids what they really want because grown-ups tend to forget it”, explained Steve.

Big dream (4)

Becoming a pilot, doctor, singer, being wealthy and famous, buying a big house for parents, studying hard and going to university, playing games all day, traveling and trying foreign dishes, or just growing tall – a few students presented their results to their peers. Writing dreams down is a process of making them visible, bearing them in mind and making a first step to achieve goals.

While “motivation is a way of life”, Steve tries to encourage young people in his speeches to change their paths positively, believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. Passion and emotions are very important in reaching youngsters. Though the language barriers made it difficult to transport these emotions to our primary school kids, Long Hai, Maison Chance’s charming international project assistant and polyglot, acted as translator and did a wonderful job.

Big dream (6) Big dream (5)

Dream Big didn´t come empty handed. They brought milk and pastries for the children and made a donation to support the missions of our organization. Helping more disadvantaged people in Vietnam becoming independent and therefore having a real perspective upon the future is one of the dreams of Maison Chance.

Thank you, Dream Big, for your contribution and support!

Text: Nelli