Dr Phillip Lam is an experienced dentist from Australia. He is also the founder of Outwork Kindness which is a movement that encourages people to take the kindness out of their hearts and into their hands and feet.

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From 10 to 12 December, Dr Lam visited Maison Chance and provided check-up for our children and beneficiaries. Within 2 days, more than 30 people profited from his professional skill. Since all of our children are from disadvantaged families, they do not have chance to go to the dentist regularly. Many of them had their first dental check-up in their life. Therefore, they were so nervous and scared. Dr Lam had an innovation which showed its excellent efficiency. He let them watch cartoon on his phone during his treatment.

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However, the solution for dental problems are not extraction or filling, it is a good daily care. Dr Lam spent time guiding our children how to brush their teeth properly to prevent decay and gum disease.

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Kindness is being nice to someone, sharing without expecting anything in return. However, kindness will only remain in our hearts if we do not practice it in our daily life. Kindness causes both the receiver and the giver of it to experience happiness.

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Through his work, Dr Lam wants to promote kindness and invite people to perform it. If you want to share his idea, you can follow him on his facebook and instagram @outworkkindness.

Text: Long Hai