As we looked forward, students from Republic Polytechnic, a Singaporean school, came for a journey at Maison Chance’s school for the second time. It was a rewarding experience for the students and Village Chance’s children. 35 youths came in Ho Chi Minh City for 8 days and they have spent the whole week in the Village.

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Republic Polytechnic is a scholar group composed by 7 schools. The students who visited us study in various fields: Management and Communication school; Sports, Health and Leisure; Applied science… Aged around 18 years old, these 35 students are in first or second grade of school and members of the student’s council. Their journey was part of the International Service Learnership. One year ago, some of them had already come at Maison Chance. These students organized the whole trip themselves and 2 teachers also took part in the journey.

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For the whole week, they had a fun-filled program featuring activities with the primary school kids during the whole day and visits of the city in the weekend. For lunch, they could discover Vietnamese delicacies in the Village Chance’s restaurant.

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This week, they organized lots of activities. Split into several groups in all primary school classes, they ran different exciting workshops. Drawing and coloring, manufacture of cardboard clocks, origamis and other creative activities using sustainable materials. They’ve also taught sports and dance, gave cooking and English lessons.

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Kids were delighted to participate in these fun and ludic activities. Those cultural, emotional and knowledgeable shares were rewarding for everyone. We would like to thank the Republic Polytechnic’s students for spending so much time preparing/organizing these activities and for having taken care of the children. We hope to see you soon!

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Text: Eléonore