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Leo is a 65 years old massage therapist from Quebec, who came back for the second time at Maison Chance. Last year, he volunteered in the Take Wing Center, showing kindness and devotion to all the Maison Chance’s members. He massaged and supported a lot of beneficiaries and to unfortunate and handicapped people in the neighborhood.

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This year, Leo came back to Maison Chance. He has spent couple of days in Ho Chi Minh City before heading to our new Social Center in Đắk Nông. For 3 weeks, he has taken care especially of the specialized class’s handicapped children.

Leo is also learning osteopathy in Quebec and could utilize his skills to treat our children. He could also benefit from the new swimming pool in Đắk Nông to offer balneotherapy sessions. Balneotherapy refers to all the treatments and cures performed by the baths.

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The Social Center’s physiotherapists could learn a lot from Leo’s skills. It will allow to handicapped adults and children from our Center to develop their motricity, self-confidence even more and release some pains.

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It was a real opportunity and pleasure for Maison Chance and its beneficiaries to welcome Leo once again. We thank Leo from the bottom of our hearts for his second contribution to the well-being of the Social Center’s inhabitants!

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