Annually, on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, the “Mid-Autumn Festival” or “Moon Festival” is celebrated in various East Asian and Southeast Asian countries where rice is harvested. Vietnam is no exception. The traditional festival always takes place on a moonlit evening, a symbol of the family unit and the gathering. At that time, the full moon shines very bright.

This event was originally an agricultural festival where the future harvest and prosperity of the country was predicted by specialists by observing the color of the full moon. In Vietnam, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important holiday of the year, just after Tet.


Adults and lovers celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival while contemplating the beautiful moon and enjoying moon cakes together. But nowadays, it is particularly dedicated to children, who parade through the streets with lanterns. Animated by various processions of lanterns and torches, songs and dances of unicorns and lions, it is also an opportunity to meet up with family and tell stories.

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The preceding weeks, shops will sell the famous moon cakes, originally from China and traditionally eaten at this time. The small pastries usually consist of a sweet filling surrounded by a paste of wheat flour or glutinous rice. The heart of the cake often contains a salty egg yolk, which represents the moon. They are offered to friends and family members and can be enjoyed with a cup of tea.

That’s how the festivities started at Maison Chance. Many cakes were made every day at Village Chance – offered, shared and enjoyed together before the big night. Friday, September 13, 2019, the company VIDOCO TECHNOLOGY JSC organized the festivities for the children of the Village. Around 6 pm, all kids were already equipped with wreaths and ballooned swords. The music resounded in the big courtyard bringing together young and old. When the night began to fall, the flashing lights of the stage announced that an event was preparing.

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So, young and old settled closer to the stage, attentively and impatiently. After a brief intervention of the masters of ceremony, the Dragon realized its most beautiful dance, before the wide eyes of the smallest ones. The evening continued with stories told, games organized in form of workshops for children, songs, sweets, and a gift bag for everyone …

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A wonderful moment of joy and sharing took place this Friday, September 13, 2019 under the full moon of Ho Chi Minh City, which predicts a great year ahead for everyone.

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Text: Eléonore