Our young Swiss volunteer, 19 years old and freshly graduated from high school, he decided to take a gap year to volunteer and to gain experience. And he chose Vietnam as his destination. Despite his young age, Dan-Thomas has shown initiative and responsibility. He quickly adapted to Maison Chance and became a full member of the big family Maison Chance. Fluent in three languages French, English and German, he helped to update social media, translated and updated the Maison Chance’s website. In addition, he spent a lot of time with children at Village Chance, teaching them English through songs and games. For these little ones, Dan is their favorite teacher and at the same time, their big brother. Eager to master a fourth language, he started learning Vietnamese. At the end of his volunteer, Dan-Thomas can introduce himself in Vietnamese, as well as order his dishes and even sing Vietnamese songs. Dan-Thomas will certainly come back to take a Vietnamese course because his dream is to become Swiss Ambassador to Vietnam one day.

Maison Chance thanks him for his hard work, his enthusiasm and wishes him all the best in the future. See you soon!

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