Establishment of a social center


The goal of Maison Chance is to help the most unfortunates to finally find their place in society. The majority of the beneficiaries have reached this goal: once their education completed, the former street children and the orphans find stable jobs.

When the disabled people have recovered their full health and finished their vocational training, they get married, have children and achieve independence. However, the rehabilitation of people with more severe disabilities is much more complicated.

These longtime beneficiaries are all from the countryside. They are aging and unable to find their place in the urban environment, especially because of their modest educational background.

They yearn for a simpler life, with less competition and without the fear of having to “take off” which is impossible for them.
It is in consideration of their long term future that the idea for this new project was developed. Therefore, the purpose of this new center is to meet the needs of our severely disabled elderly beneficiaries, while also opening the structure to other poor people living in a remote area and not yet receiving any support.

The map Vietnam Krongno the district map

Based on the 20 years of experience of the Maison Chance in Ho Chi Minh City, this new project will follow the same principles of family cohabitation between different kinds of residents. The center will support a larger scale of beneficiaries: physically disabled elderly people as well as mentally challenged people. This project will give them the opportunity to feel more respected and useful in the family community that we will create.

The concrete objectives will be:

– Give a roof to orphans and disabled people.

– Help the disabled people to recover health by adapted medical cares, prevention and
several rehabilitative therapies.

– Help the beneficiaries to reintegrate into society thanks to education and vocational

– Train families in the care of people with disabilities to facilitate their reintegration into
the family.

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