Maison Chance knows that education is essential for the development of an individual. It is a long process which, to achieve the final objective, requires many resources and community-wide commitment to join hands. Indeed, the children supported by Maison Chance are orphans or come from very disadvantaged backgrounds, whose families are facing complicated and challenging situations, with frequent residential moves, and as a result, the risk of dropping out is high.

From this context, Maison Chance plans to run a long-term sponsorship program, in which the sponsor supports a class (from 30 to 40 students). The collective sponsorship program (compared to individual sponsorship) is the most appropriate model to ensure that equal attention, love, and development opportunities are given to all children studying at Maison Chance. In this way, none of them will be left behind.

Through the collective sponsorship program, Maison Chance hopes to build a sincere, long-term relationship, a real connection between the sponsor and the children. In particular, their role not only financially supports the children, but also gives them love, trust, and encouragement to overcome their difficulties, bravely step into the future, and bring about significant changes in their lives.

For a sponsorship of 12 US dollars per month (equivalent to 144 US dollars per year), a sponsor can undertake one or more sponsorships at the same time, depending on their financial situation. Nominally, they will be the sponsor of the whole class, not just one child. 80% of the grant will be used to cover tuition and school supplies, 10% for medical costs, and 10% for clothing.

Here are the sponsorship programs which will be established:

  • Sponsoring a class at Village Chance primary school in Ho Chi Minh City to prevent school dropouts and illiteracy of disadvantaged and disabled children or children without a birth certificate and/or who are too old for public schools.
  • Sponsoring a primary school class at the Maison Chance center in Dak Nong Province to assist the underprivileged ethnic minorities’ children to attend school.
  • Sponsoring a special needs class at the Maison Chance center in Dak Nong Province to benefit children with intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities so they develop essential skills and have a happy childhood as their able-bodied peers.

By participating in the collective sponsorship program, a sponsor will be able to:

  • Receive a letter of appreciation and confirmation as a sponsor.
  • Receive photos and a list of pupils in the sponsored class.
  • Receive reports on the progress of work and activities of the sponsored children at least 1-2 times/year.
  • Visit the sponsored class, talk to the children and teachers.
  • Exchange emails, photos, letters, and presents with the class being sponsored.

If you would like to be a sponsor or wish to know more, please email us at

HieuHieu, disabled since birth, comes from a very poor ethnic minority family. Hieu-3Hieu completely changed after 6 months at Maison Chance Dak Nong.
IMG_6920 3-anh-em

The three brothers Bien, Hoi, Thoang are born with physical and mental disabilities. Their parents don’t have the means to take care of them. At Maison Chance, they receive their education in special classes and get adequate care.